About Us


Clinical Directors Network, Inc. (CDN) is a not-for-profit clinician membership organization, practice-based research network (PBRN), and clinician training organization, founded to provide peer-initiated activities for clinicians practicing in low income, minority, and other underserved communities. CDN’s overall goal is to translate clinical research into clinical practice for the enhancement of health equity and improvement of public health. CDN is the oldest and largest PBRN devoted to dedicated to providing and improving comprehensive and accessible community-oriented primary and preventive health care services for poor, minority, and underserved populations. CDN operates as a private, not-for-profit corporation, by and for an extensive network of current and future Health Center Clinical Leaders. CDN conducts project based research and educational activities in partnership with government, academic, not-for-profit, and for profit organizations. CDN was founded in 1985 as a professional peer organization, based on the demonstrated effectiveness of peer-initiated activities in promoting health care excellence, assuring and improving quality and controlling costs. CDN has a for-profit subsidiary, Quality Professional Systems Development, Inc. (QPSD) (www.QPSD.com).


We are a network that supports community-based health care centers, including their patients, practitioners and organizations. A community-based health care center is one that is committed to improving the overall health of individuals, families and communities by focusing on their primary medical, dental and/or behavioral well-being. We exist to advocate for meeting the health needs of underserved populations, while providing access to high quality health care, and greater social justice for all. We exist to provide peer support:

  1. By conducting practice-based research and translation of research into practice through training, education and the development of new models of care
  2. Through advocacy for the clinician’s perspective in the administration and management of community-based health care centers



We believe that:

  1. All people have the right to high quality, community-based health care
  2. Practicing in a community-based health care center is a desirable, viable long-term career choice for clinicians
  3. Practice-based research should be relevant, practical and timely
  4. Research at the community-based health care center level supports the dissemination, adoption and implementation of new knowledge, resulting in sustained high quality of care, increasing health equity, and the improvement of public health.

The combined patient and clinician populations of CDN’s member community-based health care centers represent an enormous opportunity for our practice-based research network (PBRN).